Why MSS?


Client-Centered Approach

With a 90% client retention rate and average client tenure of nearly 15 years, it proves that being tuned-in to what a client needs has only strengthened our business. By taking a consultative approach to client interaction and seeking to understand their specific situations, we are able to better serve our clients in both their short and long term goals.


From smaller privately-held companies to Fortune 50 Corporations, we have extensive experience in catering to a business’ unique needs. Unlike many of our competitors that initially started as print shops, we have always had fulfillment as our core competency. With our proprietary fulfillment operating system, RADAR, we are able to quickly adapt and seamlessly adjust with our client’s ever-evolving business requirements.

Centralized Location

Our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio allows us to provide two-day shipping to 75% of the U.S. population, with 99% of orders shipped complete the same day, and the balance within 24 hours.

National Quality Recognition

MSS is a part of an elite group of fulfillment companies to receive the prestigious MFSA accreditation, a national quality certification for the fulfillment industry.

We generate innovative ideas.


From the development of an ROI Calculator App to Print-on-Demand solutions, we help our clients cut costs, sell more products, and increase operational efficiencies. We have developed an extensive history of case studies which outline how we have exceeded our client’s expectations, by leveraging our proprietary software and continually generating new and innovative ideas.


Unique problems require unique solutions, and that’s where we come in. Thinking “outside of the box” is what we do, and we’re constantly solving problems in new and creative ways. Our strength in idea development assures each client that their problem will be met with a solution that’s specific and tailored.


We work alongside our clients so that we fully understand their goals and pain points. Creating this strong partnership helps forge solid, long-lasting relationships and allows for better conversations and better solutions, better results.

We deliver tailored solutions.


No “canned” solutions here. Our industry expertise and robust technology platform allows us to develop and implement customized solutions that address our client’s needs. This customization is possible due to the design and development of our own proprietary fulfillment operating platform, RADAR. RADAR was developed so that we can quickly adapt to, meet, and manage any fulfillment requirement needed, while seamlessly growing and evolving with our clients.