comprehensive, one-stop, warehousing, inventory management and distribution center

Retail products distribution, sampling programs, promotions, kits, and event asset FULFILLMENT.

Warehouse services

We’ll receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and provide any custom services you need. 

Inventory Management

All your products, samples, collateral, wearables — we’ll monitor, alert, restock, and more.

Distribution Logistics

Across town, state to state, our country to country — we’ve got domestic and global expertise. 

Retail Products Distribution, Sampling Programs, Promotions, Kits, and Event Asset Fulfillment

MSS is the only 3rd party, Greater Cincinnati fulfillment and distribution services provider that integrates custom fulfillment technologies, analytics, warehousing, kit design, printing, and call center services into a complete sales lead and customer management solution.

Every day, mid-sized to Fortune 50 companies rely on MSS to process orders, assemble kits and POP, print-on-demand, reduce shipping costs, manage inventories, and move their critical brand assets through supply chains to customers and teams around the world.

End-to-End Brand Asset Delivery


Big or small, fragile or solid, two components or twenty, we are experts at packing things pretty and keeping things safe.


Real time. Just in time. Everything you sell.  Everything you distribute. We let you know what’s hot, when to make more and when to stop.

WE fulfill

3PL. To your customers. To your prospects. To your sales teams. To your channel partners. Anywhere. Any time.


Minute by minute. All your products, tools and samples. Who got what, when and how many. — with customized, personalized, reporting.


Retail Product Fulfillment
Product Sampling Programs
Bulk Product Distribution
Event Assets Management
Sales Kits and Promotions Fulfillment
Phone or Web Order Processing
Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
Analytics and Reporting

Marketing Asset Portal Creation
Shopping Cart Order Integration
Shopping Cart Creation
Kitting and Packaging Design
Assembly and Packing
Collation and Bindery Services
Bindery Services
Custom Packing, Shrink-Wrapping

Delivery Logistics
Mail Management Programs
Reverse Logistics Programs
Product Recall Campaigns
Product Recall Management
Recall Replacement Part Fulfillment
Product Recyling
Fixture and POP Fulfillment


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Ian Sugerman:
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Building Products Services

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Even more about what we do

Amazon Fulfillment Support

Are you a “Fulfillment by Merchant” Amazon retailer or “Fulfillment by Amazon” Reseller? We got you.

If you are a Merchant handling your own logistics and order fulfillment, MSS will be a great fit. If you’re “fulfillment by seller” you already know shipping your products to Amazon distribution centers, requires very specific protocols for packing and labeling your goods. At MSS we’ll support you not only with mastering those protocols but also with robust inventory management, monitoring, and shipping services — including customer care and returns.

E-Commerce Product Fulfillment

Time to get out of your garage and move up to a legitimate fulfillment platform? We got you.

We’re the perfect size for mid-sized e-retailers who need a legitimate warehouse and inventory management fulfillment partner. Our leading-edge warehouse management software platform does all the work for you — including but not limited to order fulfillment directly from your shopping cart pages, inventory and shipping reporting, custom analytics portals, customized packaging, and subscription box services.

B2B Fulfillment

Time to get your brand assets out of that office closet? We got you.

Twenty-five years ago, MSS was programming shopping carts providing fulfillment support all sorts of brands and manufacturers. Collateral, samples, displays, branded wearables and gift items. In fact, our core specialty is creating asset portals for sales teams, marketers, dealers, and distributors who need to order your materials and products, 24/7. Our portal platform lets you easily manage inventory, establish user groups and spending controls, and generate any customized reporting.

Manufacturer to Retail Distribution Services

Need to get your products packed to meet the very specific requirements of today’s demanding retailers?  We got you.

You probably know most retailers like Macy’s, CVS, Home Depot, and of course Amazon have very specific packaging and shipping demands that must be met, or they’ll reject your shipments. We’ve been working with big and small retailers for decades. Each retailer we work with has very specific packing and labeling requirements that can be a real hassle for just about any brand. You can rely on MSS to get things right, every time.  

Experiential Events and Trade Show Support

Need to get your booths, tents, products and displays to multiple event venues?  We got you.

If you’re into trade shows and experiential events, MSS has deep expertise — product displays, wearables, foods, you name it. We’ve done it. For food and beverage brands, we’ll store, sterilize, prepare, package, manage logistics for multiple event asset packages week after week and we ship everywhere. One of our customers executes nearly 5000 event every year.

Merchandising Fixtures Assembly and Fulfillment

Need experts who can distribute your retail fixtures to your dealer, sales rep, and retailer partners?  We got you.

We’re more than just a warehouse to store your fixtures. We’ll handle any assembly work, printed enclosures, boxing, and shipping of your samples, collateral, sales kits, point-to-point purchase displays and retail fixtures. Need more support, like concepting, design and fabrication? We’ve done display design and fabrication work for Lowes, Depot, Menards, Walmart, and Sam’s.  Our ShopWorks department can turnkey your entire merchandising and display work from one convenient source.

Researched Focused Sampling Programs

Need to get your new product trials and samples to your target prospects and influencers?  We got you.

We help research firms and marketers distribute new products to their strategic targets for trail and feedback programs. We’ll personalize, print, kit and package your products, instructions, surveys, and other enclosures using our inhouse print, kitting, and shipping services. We’ll track and monitor your sample deliveries and even develop surveys and other input collection websites customized for your programs.