Case Study: Data Capture & Management Tool

Problem: A nationally-recognized deck manufacturer created an online interactive visualization tool, which allowed potential customers to be able to design and see the deck of their dreams. The visualizer simulated what the deck would look like, based on their selection of color, design style and dimensions. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not have a way to track or capture the potential customer’s information, before or after they utilized the tool. Valuable sales opportunities were lost by not converting these potential customers into leads.

Innovative Idea: MSS created a partnership between the manufacturer’s visualization tool and back-end data capture.

Result: By being able to capture and manage the potential customer’s information, the manufacturer can now send the potential customer their final deck image on a mailed follow-up postcard sent directly from MSS, as well as capture important information for lead generation. The printed postcard includes the deck the potential customer designed; contact information for the dealer and contractor closest to the potential customer’s home; and all necessary material needed to build their deck. In turn, the captured potential customer’s information is sent to the same dealer and contractor, so that they have the opportunity to proactively reach out directly to the potential customer. Having this lead information has helped increase the manufacturer’s sales, while also growing prospective leads by 25%.