We Achieved a 23% Response Rate Using Mailers

We have a Client who engineers and manufactures valves for high pressure, high temperature and caustic chemical manufacturing applications. These valves are unique to certain industries. It was our Client’s goal to build a database of engineers in this realm and solicit mailings to the them based on their specific applications and requirements.

We came up with a solution to purchase a mailing list of engineers, based on specific industries, that they had sold into over the years or would like to sell into. Then, we created a mail piece that asked over 20 specific questions regarding their application.  Most of the questions were multiple choice or one-line answers that were based on temperature, chemicals, pressure, quantity, life of current valves, sizes, inside or outside, etc. We informed the Participants that we would follow-up with them with more information on product solutions based on their applications. The questions all fit on side of a business reply card, so it was easy for them to send back their responses. An alternative response option would be an online form to provide feedback.

To encourage responses to the mailers, we offered premium logo items, such as gym bags, jackets, coolers and cases of golf balls. If the Participant completed all the questions on the mailer and sent it back in, we would supply their choice of item, which they would have selected on the same mailer. Each item had an associated cost of between $15 to $25.

Results that will blow your mind…

The mailer was a success and we received a greater response than expected, despite the extensive amount of information being requested. After mailing 3,500 questionnaires, we received an incredible return of 800 cards. The mailing had an impressive 23% response rate. 

We took the responses from the 800 returned questionnaires and built our new sustainable marketing database. The Client took the data to their engineering team to see what products they offered for each of the design challenges outlined.  We then mailed information to that Participant on one of the Client’s products, based on their applications and responses. Simultaneously, we sent leads to the Client’s sales force asking them to follow up with the engineers who had completed the questionnaire. 

 Based on this initial campaign alone, our Client’s sales grew by 15% over next 12 months.

To further increase sales, our Client’s marketing department worked with their engineering department to develop application specific products for certain industries.  We then mailed application specific new product releases to the applicable engineers.

 This database was used for the next three years by both the marketing department for ongoing campaigns and new product releases. It was also shared with sales as new opportunities.  It is hard to calculate the full extent of sales from this campaign but overall the customer felt it was a homerun and a huge factor for their growth during the 3 years of the campaign.